CUE is a musical performance that combines crowdsourcing with conducting to allow audience members influence over the music and visual progression of the piece by collectively cueing the individual musicians.  The musical composition performed is organized into six music cells enabling each musician to enter each of the cells at variable times.

Using a mobile app designed and built for CUE, audience members vote to move a musician to the next cell.  During the performance, results of the voting are presented to the musicians via an iPad, providing a cue to move to the next cell based upon the collective audience feedback.   The projected visuals presented during the performance synchronize to the cells and reflect the voting.

The CUE piece required creating a networking infrastructure to enable the real-time collection of the votes, communication of votes to musicians, and synchronization of the voting results with the visuals.

Phase Two: With a foundation built in phase one of CUE and the results of the Imagine RIT performance, the CUE team progressed further with the technical and visual structure of the project.  

Cue Performance Visuals

Design: Katie Verrant

01X APP Design

Design: Katie Verrant

Technology Credits

Behind the Scenes

Rochester Institute of Technology

December 2014

Technology Test

Photography: David Hammond