The 01X Project explores the digital intersection of music, art and audience. This collaborative initiative provides a laboratory for blending the worlds of music and technology within the live concert experience and online.



01X involves a close collaboration between Sound ExChange musicians from the Eastman School of Music and professors and students from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Elements of the collaboration expand to include Microsoft Studios for technology consultation and RocMusic for an extended educational partnership.


In 2013, the collaborating team was awarded a $100,000 Cultural Creative Collision grant from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation in Rochester, NY. The foundation defined a creative collision as, “the innovation that results when different perspectives, talents, and abilities come together,” and The 01X Project was one of five proposals to receive funding. 01X is a “creative collision” that utilizes digital technology to promote audience participation by creating ways for performers and audiences to interact and connect with live music. 01X will encourage the audience to use mobile devices, social networks, and immersive technology to enhance the concert experience. Additionally, 01X will have a home online, which will allow the project to grow and develop with each live performance.


Members of the 01X team share a passion for cross-disciplinary collaborations and feel especially passionate about bringing innovation to the traditional classical music concert experience. The collaborating team is intrigued by the idea of blending two seemingly opposite worlds: classical music, dating back to the 11th century, and technology of the 21st century. Merging these two worlds sets the stage for a transformational performance by Sound Exchange.

Current Phase

The 01X Project is currently in a stage of development that involves work in a variety of areas: music performance, education and composition; computer science; Kienct technology; photography; and visual art. September 2014 will mark the launch of the public phase of 01X with two performances at the Rochester Fringe Festival. 

Up Next

In October 2014, 01X will focus on an extended partnership with RocMusic and begin plans for 2015 performances within and outside of Rochester, NY.